Friday, 11 August 2017

Celebrating Maths Week

Mapping the way to Hansel and Gretel's House.

We were challenged to think about the question "How do we know where we are?"
We brainstormed lots of ideas and watched a video of the story of Hansel and Gretel. We had to think about the best way to show someone how to find them. Here is what we came up with!

We felt excited to do this experiment. It was really fun and it was a bit challenging to work together to write the instructions. Our instructions ... errrr. WRONG! We needed to get the squares in the right place. By Finn and Eddie

We drew a map and wrote instructions. Then we gave it to another person in the classroom to follow our instructions and find the way around the map. Our instructions were not right! To make it right we needed to put less squares in some instructions. By Poppy and Stevie

Brody and Tristan tested out our instructions and map and it was super WRONG! We needed to put the squares in the right place and be careful when writing the instructions. It made us feel scared because we wondered if it was going to be right or wrong. We were nervous but we enjoyed it! By Ben and Cameron

Question of the Week

Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?

Emily - Yes, because I let other people make up games sometimes.
Eddie - Yes, because when we play soccer I pass the ball around a lot.
Cooper - Yes, because I am kind. 
Brody - Yes, because I am kind to others.
Tristan - Yes, because I help people when they are hurt.
Finn - Yes, because I share and help a lot.
Alannah - Yes, because I let other people be the owner when we are playing animal games.
Maggie - Yes, because I try not to say mean words out of my mouth.
Hannah - Yes, because I care for others when they are hurt.
Cameron - Yes, because I agree with other people's games that they make up.
Ashton - Yes, because every time I hurt people I say sorry.
Ben - Yes, because I am kind, thoughtful and I have a lot of sense of humour.
Juan - Yes, because if someone doesn't agree with my games I let them choose it.
Stevie - Yes, because when someone is hurt I go and see if they are ok.
Caleb - Yes, because I include others in games.
Oliver - Yes, because I'm kind.
Paige - Yes, because I just go with the flow.
Poppy - Yes, because I care for others when they are hurt.
Sophie - Yes, because I show people how to do stuff that I can do, if they can't yet.
Harper - Yes, because I am nice when it comes to games.
Max- Yes, because I share stuff in games.
Lachie - Yes, because I don't cheat in games anymore! 
Blake - Yes, because when somebody gets hurt I will take them to the sick bay.
Eleanor - Yes, because when I see someone alone with no one to play with I will play with them.
Ella - Yes, because I am very kind and nice to people and like to give them hugs!
Jade - Yes, because I am kind and thoughtful and use humour wisely.
Mrs Olynsma - Yes, because I like to do things for other people and share chocolate with them. 


Friday, 4 August 2017

Question of the Week

Is it better to be a kid or a grown up? Why?

It is better to be a kid because ...

  • you can do fun stuff and your body works better - Hannah
  • you get more attention and your parents love you - Ashton
  • you are more flexible - Emily
  • you don't have to pay any bills - Brody
  • your parents spoil you rotten - Ella
  • so you don't have to go on face book for work - Sophie 
  • you have no stress - Cooper
  • we get to do much more fun things than adults - Bella
  • you get to play on the I Pads more - Maggie
  • your life is longer - Oliver 
  • you get to learn - Max 

    It is better to be an grown up because ...

    • you get to drive to the shop and buy chocolate any time you want! - Mrs Olynsma
    • you get buy whatever you want - Alannah
    • you have more knowledge than a kid - Stevie
    • you get to buy more treats - Harper
    • you can get a job - Poppy
    • you can stay up all night - Blake
    • you can watch movies whenever you want - Paige
    • you can go places when you want - Juan

I see, I Think, I Feel, I Wonder?

We were looking at pictures of animals doing stuff for our big question ... How do people help animals and animals help people? By Paige 

We were thinking about how we felt about the picture of a girl kissing a horse. We felt loving. By Ashton
We were looking at a picture that had a bird in it and there were people in the picture that were going to get coal. The bird was with them and if they were by gas the bird would stop singing and they would get out quick. By Emily

We had go around all of the pictures and answer how we felt, what we saw, what we wondered and what we thought. By Hannah

We were trying to write something about each picture. Each group got a different colour and all added to the same sheet. By Maggie

This activity was fun and helped my thinking. We had to think REALLY hard! By Juan

In this picture there was a dog and a suitcase. We thought it was a dog getting into someone's suitcase but we found out it was a drug detecting dog. By Oliver

I was filling in the sheet and I could see a dog trying to help a person open up the washing machine. By Blake

I was filling in the 'I feel' part of a picture of a dog. I felt confused because the dog was wearing boots and goggles.             By Cooper

I felt sad because the horse in the picture was all skinny and bony. By Alannah      
I felt sad because it was going to die. By Sophie

Friday, 28 July 2017

Our Shared Inquiry

This term we are learning about Animals and Us!
Our BIG question is How do people help animals and animals help people?

We were doing a challenge where each group had a different disability. By Caleb
The disabilities were blindfolded, one legged, no arms, ear muffs and no talking. We had to complete every task. - By Eleanor

The challenges were a maze, building with cubes, animal sounds, picking colours and objects and asking for something in the room. By Ashton
I was blindfolded and Eleanor said to pick up a yellow bean. It was hard. By Sophie

I was trying to pick up some beans with my chin because I had no arms. It was very difficult. By Ella

I was telling Ben to make a shape. Ben couldn't hear me. By Cooper
It was difficult because I couldn't hear him and I kept on building the wrong thing. By Ben

I was trying to listen to what animal noises Stevie and Ashton were making. It wasn't hard because I could still hear them but not see them. By Hannah

This is me doing the maze with earmuffs. By Alannah
It was hard to get Alannah to go the right direction! By Harper

I couldn't hear Harper and Alannah because I had earmuffs on and it was hard to hear them but I could see where to go. By Jade

I felt a little bit frustrated because Eddie was blindfolded and I had to tell him left or right. It was hard! By Bella
The maze wasn't too hard or too easy because I knew my left and right and I could feel stuff. By Eddie

It was so hard to pick up the blocks because I had no hands. By Juan

Ben told me to pick up the purple bear and when I didn't get it right he waved at me doing crosses. It was hard because I couldn't hear him. By Cameron

It was hard leading Caleb around the maze because it was hard to tell which was his left and right. By Blake

Keep watching this blog and we will show you our journey this term!

Friday, 30 June 2017

101 things to do with a box!

Mrs Simpson gave us an empty box.
Mrs Olynsma put it in the middle of the circle and said "101 things you can do with this box ... GO!"
We had an awesome time thinking of fun things the box could be used for.