Friday, 5 May 2017

Tikanga Maori Facts

In class this week we have been learning about Tikanga Maori in preparation for our trip to the Marae on Monday in Week 2.

We have learnt about Hongi. We have been doing hongi so we know what to do at the Marae.
 By Lachie

A hongi is a Maori handshake.
By Poppy

Here are some more facts about  Marae Tikanga that we have learnt ...

We meet, we eat! Sharing food is kind and caring.
By Juan

A powhiri is when the tangata whenua welcome us onto the Marae.
By Stevie

The boys are at the back of the group when they welcome us on because the boys have to protect the girls from the back. The girls are in front to show that we come in peace.
By Ashton

When we are sitting down the boys are at the front because they protect the girls from any danger as we face the tangata whenua.
By Finn

When we are sitting down, only the boys can be speakers.
By Lachie

A mihi is a greeting.
By Eddie

We have to give the tangata whenua some money, a koha, so the marae can keep running.
By Emily

We have to take our shoes off when we go into the whare.
By Ben

The songs that follow each speaker show support for the speaker. They are called waiata.
By Maggie

You are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol at the marae.
By Birthday Blake

At the marae you have to use your manners.
By Cameron

You can't eat in the whare.
By Ben

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