Friday, 23 June 2017

Football Superstars!

We have had a coach for football to come and teach us how to play. By Eddie
Debby, our coach, had taught us some skills. By Eleanor
Here we are waiting for instructions. She said "Red Light!" when she wanted us to stop.
By Emily

She taught us a game called Traffic Lights.
By Ella

I am trying to keep control of the ball.
By Ashton

Here is me dribbling (not out my mouth!) the ball.
By Hannah

This is us running and dribbling because she said "Green light!" which means go faster.
By Blake

"Red light!"
By Ben

We were playing Bumper Cars where we had to bump the balls together.
By Cooper
I was best!
By Stevie

I am dribbling the ball trying not to crash into anybody.
By Caleb

This is us playing Bumper Cars.
By Maggie

"Stop, don't CRASH into the cones or I'll have to do five star jumps!"
By Oliver

There were cones because we had to dribble around them.
By Finn

More dribbling!
By Paige

Even more dribbling!
By Alannah

I felt proud learning new skills!
By Sophie

Thanks Debby!
By Tristan

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